Assessment Services

The City of Lodi contracts with an outside firm for assessment services. The assessors’ role is to discover, list, and place a value on all taxable real and personal property in the city in a uniform manner.

The property assessment is a value placed upon property which determines what portion of the local property tax levy will be borne by the property. The property assessment is an estimate of the market value of the property.

The outside firm keeps property records which include square footage, number of rooms, year built, and other pertinent information.

Open Book

During this session, the municipality's assessment roll, which lists all municipal properties, is open for examination. The property owner can informally discuss the property value with the assessor. Property owners may schedule an appointment at the Open Book meeting before filing a formal objection for the Board of Review to discuss the value placed on their property.

Notice of the Open Book meeting is published in the Lodi Enterprise and posted at City Hall. You may also subscribe to the Assessor Calendar, which will notify you when the Open Book meeting is scheduled.  Additionally, owners with changes in property value will be notified by the assessor of the Open Book date and times.

Board of Review

The Board of Review is a quasi-judicial body which hears formal objections to property assessments. If the property owner is not satisfied with the assessment after attending Open Book, the property owner can bring his/her appeal to the Board of Review. The property owner must file his/her objection with the City Clerk at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled Board of Review.

The Clerk will schedule assessment appeals requiring the property owner to provide evidence proving the assessment is incorrect. After review, if the Board agrees with the property owner's evidence, the assessment may be changed.

Notice of Board of Review meetings is published in the Lodi Enterprise and posted at City Hall. Those who subscribe to the Assessor Calendar will be notified when the Board of Review meeting is scheduled.