Sidewalks & Driveways


A long term goal of the City of Lodi is to have sidewalks on both sides of public streets in residential and business areas. New sidewalks are funded through taxes and special assessments.

Property owners are responsible for removing snow from sidewalks by 11:00 a.m. each day. More information on sidewalks can be found in the Sidewalks, Sidewalk Construction & Repair, and Snow & Ice Removal sections of the City of Lodi Ordinances.


The City of Lodi manages traffic safety by controlling placements of driveways. In order to alter or place a new driveway or curb cut, you must first apply for a permit.

Policy related to sidewalks and driveways is established by City Ordinance. Specific information on driveways can be found in the Driveways section of the City of Lodi Ordinances.