Municipal Vehicle Registration Fee

On January 19, 2016, the City of Lodi Common Council passed Ordinance A-499 to amend Chapter 57 of the Code of the City. This amendment added a new section providing a municipal motor vehicle registration fee.

To which vehicles does this apply?

In addition to the regular annual registration fee paid for a vehicle, Wisconsin law allows municipalities to impose a vehicle registration fee on motor vehicles. The fee applies to vehicles in the City of Lodi with an automobile registration or truck registration at 8,000 pounds or less (except dual purpose farm).

Most special license plates with automobile or truck registration are included. Some special license plates are exempt from the fee: Antique, Collector ("Collector Special" plates are not exempt), Ex-Prisoner of War (if issued without registration fee), Historic Military, Hobbyist, and Medal of Honor. All special plates issued to a farm truck, dual purpose farm truck, or motor home are also exempt.

How is the fee collected?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) collects municipal vehicle registration fees for the City of Lodi. For administrative purposes, WisDOT keeps 17 cents per vehicle registration. The rest of the fee is sent to the City to be used for transportation purposes. The fee is collected at the time of first registration and at each registration renewal. The certificate of registration sent by WisDOT will indicate that the municipal fee was paid.

My vehicle is located elsewhere. Why did I receive this fee?

Remember to verify the correct county and city, village, or township where a vehicle is customarily kept. If vehicle location needs to be corrected, either correct the information on the registration notice following the instructions provided or contact WisDOT either by 
e-mail or call (608) 266-1466 to correct their records. Any person who gives a false or fictitious location where a vehicle is customarily kept may be fined not more than $200 or imprisoned not more than six months or both (section 341.60, WI stats.)