Snow Emergencies & Snow Removal

Snow and Ice Removal

In order to provide safe passage to pedestrians, sidewalks must be kept clear of snow and ice. Property owners are responsible for removing snow from sidewalks by 11:00 a.m. each day. When snow continues to fall during the day after that time, then additional efforts should be made. Sometimes sprinkling the sidewalk with salt, ashes, sawdust or sand can help maintain safe footing. Specific information on this topic can be found in the Snow and Ice Removal section of the City of Lodi Ordinances.

Snow Emergency & Parking Regulations

When a snow emergency is declared, the city makes every effort to clear snow away to maintain traffic flow. In order to accomplish this, drivers are asked to refrain from parking in streets or public alleys until the plows have come through. Specific information on this topic can be found in the Snow Emergency section of the City of Lodi Ordinances.

Mailbox Damage

Private mailboxes damaged by direct physical contact with the operation of city equipment, will be replaced at the expense of the city upon proof of damage by city equipment. Mailboxes that are damaged due to contact with snow or ice will not be replaced. Policy related to snow emergencies and snow removal is established by City Ordinance.