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Posted on: March 4, 2020

City of Lodi to Receive $500,000 in Transportation Aids from State

Sauk St Lodi WI

The City of Lodi will receive $500,000 in transportation infrastructure funding for the Sauk Street Project from Strangeway Avenue to Lodi Street.  Sauk Street is located on the west side of the City connecting Lodi Street to Reynolds Road in the Town of Lodi.  It is also the access street to three of the four Lodi School District facilities including a new Primary School, Middle School, and High School.  The high traffic volume and congestion during peak hour traffic, associated with school drop-off and pick-up, events, and community programs held at the schools, identified the need for the project.

The project consists of:

  • Complete reconstruction of approximately 1,850 lineal feet of street, which includes removal of existing curb, sidewalk and pavement, storm sewer structure rehabilitation and upgrades, replacement of water and sanitary sewer mains, appurtenances and service laterals.
  • Twelve-inch thickness of three-inch dense aggregate base, geogrid eight inches of 1-1/4” dense aggregate base and four inches of pavement.
  • Construction of retaining walls, sidewalk replacement and extension of new sidewalk on the north side of the street, driveway aprons, pavement markings, and signs.
  • Safety enhancements, including the extension of an eight-foot wide paved bicycle and pedestrian trail on the south side of the street, which a 2017 traffic study recommended to provide a safe route to school.  This project will provide connectivity to the previously completed sections of trail to the downtown area. Lighted pedestrian warning signs will be added at critical crosswalks.  The road realignment at the Sauk Street-Lodi Street intersection is crucial to improve vision triangles.
  • Substantial enrichment and economic vitality, which will be gained due to the recent and projected growth that is and will continue to occur on the west side of the City.  The professional service facilities including a medical and dental clinic along Sauk Street also make it an essential primary access route between this growth area and the downtown.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) released the list of grantees earlier today for the one-time Multimodal Local Supplement (MLS) Program funded in the State’s 2019-21 Budget. 

In what was a very competitive process, the City of Lodi was one of 33 infrastructure projects that were funded of the 461 total eligible applications filed by cities and villages.  Grantees were chosen by an ad hoc review committee made up of city and village officials appointed by the WisDOT.  Among other criteria, the committee looked at the economic impact of the projects. Applications from Wisconsin’s Counties and Towns were reviewed separately by their own peer review groups. 

According to WisDOT, a total of 1,596 eligible grant applications were submitted by Wisconsin’s cities, villages, towns, counties, and tribal governments. The funding allocation included $18.4 million for cities and villages, $26 million for counties, and $28.9 million for towns. The transportation infrastructure needs detailed in the applications totaled $1.47 billion. Demand has exceeded available funding by more than 1,800%.

The City of Lodi will provide a match of approximately 46.8% or $439,452.  In order to make the state funding go further, the review committee decided to ask local government for an increased match.

“The City of Lodi is appreciative to the WisDOT for recognizing the importance of the Sauk Street Project.  It will strengthen Lodi by increasing the vigor and greatness of our schools, recreational opportunities, and residential growth.  We have and will continue to invest significantly in these essential development projects,” said City of Lodi Mayor, Jim Ness.  “Without this grant, the bicycle and pedestrian trail project, the safe access to the school, and recreational development would have been delayed into the unforeseen future. Thanks to our Governor, State legislators, WisDOT Grantees, MSA engineers, and Lodi city staff for all the energy and efforts attributed to making this grant possible for Lodi.”

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